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Adult Minisrty

Adult Ministry

We have adult small groups in different time and locations, which separated by couples, brothers, and sisters.


We have different topics every week, which helps couples to have quality time to do effective communications in a relaxing environment. Spending time in small groups is a way to know each other better and to build wonderful relationship in marriage.


As a man, sometimes we carry responsibilities and stress and it’s hard to let people know. But here we have brothers to help and accompany each other through prayer and sharing. We believe that you’ll experience miracles, joy and that God is faithful.


Women small group is a safe place for women to connect together and see miracles happen because of the love and mighty power of God.

Young Adult

We welcome young adults who just entered into workplace to join our community. Here we share topics about future, relationship and issues you might be facing in your workplace. By developing connection and building up with each other, you’ll find that your life actually has endless possibilities.