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Children Minisrty


In Kids Ministry, we provide all kinds of courses and activities during winter and summer breaks for kids under 12 years old.
Here we cultivate our kids to grow in courage, passion and outstanding characters.

Parent-Child Family

Grasp every precious family memory with your kids.
Suitable for the whole family, parents and grandchildren!


Discovered the endless possibilities of kids!
We provide all kinds of courses and activities for 7-12 elementary kids.


Love and joy is the only secrets for raising children!
An exclusive age-specific program for 3-6 years old and 0-2 years old.

Kids Service

Nurture the character of kid’s life, with love and truth!
In every week we share Biblical truths, and through diverse enriching environment, inspire an atmosphere of independent learning, love and caring, kids could know God, love God and others from early ages.

Toys library

Age: 3-12 years old
Jump outside the traditional learning box, children can through games to learn happily! Over hundreds of toys, board games, through the guidance of teachers, in the games children can discover fun, also develop kid’s mathematical, logical thinking, spatial sense, and self-learning skills.

Corner Games

Age: 3-12 years old
A child-centered program allows kids to learn spontaneously through abundance corner activities!

There are also Bricks corner, Table tennis corner, Physical fitness corner……more corners, wait for you to explore!