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Seniors Minisrty


Our Seniors Ministry welcomes brothers and sisters over 60 years old.
Here together we enjoy our golden age knowing that we can achieve even higher level, and become an influential generation.

Respectful and Healthy Generation

The church will devote a lot of resources to enable the elder brothers and sisters to live their lives to the fullest! Seniors Fellowship for 60-90 years old brothers and sisters will enable you to live a life of dignity and glory and to realize your destiny to live longer.

Live a full and interesting life

Seniors Fellowship full of variety activities and programs! Here, there is a different theme message every week, and regular evangelistic activities and health classes are held. In addition, we have also set up interest development groups, such as Taiwanese book clubs, hiking activities, slang classes, and other enriching activities, so that brothers and sisters can bond with each other through different interests, and make life more and more interesting!

Live a peaceful and blessed life

The greatest success in life is even you are old but you still have peace and blessings!
We know that the love of Jesus is the greatest dependence and blessing for every brothers and sisters, so we lead them to live a miracle-filled life every day through solid Bible reading, prayer and various equipping courses!